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You get the call from Crew Schedule. You don’t have to take the flight–but you do: it’s time to bring jets back into the New York metro area, ravaged as it is by Hurricane Sandy.

Means a different kind of thinking for you: more fuel (you’ll take any excuse for more fuel, won’t you?) for more loiter time and options depending on the weather, because you know the navigation aids and ground-based approach equipment has been damaged or may be without power.

There are twenty deadheading crewmembers on the flight roster, needing to get home, plus a half dozen others trying to commute to the three crew bases there (LGA, EWR, JFK) not to mention tons (literally) of backlogged cargo waiting to head east. All of that raises the jet’s zero fuel weight, but fuel is primary. You get hit up by commuting crewmembers–“Can you agree to land with less…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 01/11/2012 00:05:58.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester THU 1/11

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:07 EZY1KA   G-EZUE   Airbus A320-214
00:18 MON669   G-MARA   Airbus A321-231
00:57 TCX2429  G-FCLA   Boeing 757-28A
01:00 BMR8978  G-RJXB   Embraer EMB145EP
01:26 TOM4AT   G-TAWG   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:28 MON605M  G-OZBG   Airbus A321-231
01:30 MON649N  G-OZBS   Airbus A321-231
02:12 TOM895   G-FDZE   Boeing 737-8K5
02:26 AMB037   D-CCCB   Learjet 35A
03:29 TOM557   G-OOBB   Boeing 757-28A
04:15 TOM71G   G-OOBI   Boeing 757-2B7
05:34 FDX5204  N916FD   Boeing 757-27B
05:54 ETD015   A6-EYD   Airbus A330-243
06:13 UAL20    N13138   Boeing 757-224
06:45 AAL54    N187AN   Boeing 757-223
06:48 UAE21    A6-EGG   Boeing 777-31HER                – (7th Visit)
07:01 TOM197   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
07:05 VIR76X   G-VINE   Airbus A330-343X
07:11 EIN20E   EI-DEC   Airbus A320-214
07:14 TCX245   G-MDBD   Airbus A330-243
07:17 DAL64    N152DL   Boeing 767-3P6
07:19 DLH2PF   D-ACNU   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:21 TCX125   G-OMYT   Airbus A330-243
07:30 BMR1582  G-EMBJ   Embraer EMB145EU

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 30/10/2012 00:00:14.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester TUE 30/10

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:02 TOM217   G-OOBB   Boeing 757-28A
00:23 MON559   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
00:42 EZY1KA   G-EZTT   Airbus A320-214
00:47 MON613   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
00:50 MON569G  G-MARA   Airbus A321-231
01:18 MON685   G-MONJ   Boeing 757-2T7
01:21 MON627   G-MAJS   Airbus A300B4-605R
01:31 TOM485   G-TAWG   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:13 TOM533   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
02:22 TOM837   G-FDZD   Boeing 737-8K5
03:17 MON649B  G-OZBL   Airbus A321-231
03:21 MON677   G-SMAN   Airbus A330-243
03:49 TCX2953  G-FCLH   Boeing 757-28A
04:23 TOM273   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
05:56 ETD015   A6-EYF   Airbus A330-243
06:00 FDX5204  N923FD   Boeing 757-204
06:01 AAL54    N176AA   Boeing 757-223
06:20 UAE21    A6-EGO   Boeing 777-31HER                – (6th Visit)
06:35 TCX153   G-MDBD   Airbus A330-243
06:37 TCX109   G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
07:13 SIA328   9V-SWD   Boeing 777-312ER
07:15 EIN20E   EI-DVJ   Airbus A320-214
07:17 RYR17ME  EI-DCK   Boeing 737-8AS
07:19 TOM0175  G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
07:27 BMR1582 …

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Transair Pilot Shop

Recently here at Transair, we have had a few perfectly healthy Garmin Glo GPS sent back to us as faulty, and we just want to clear up any confusion for other customers. The manual states that with the status (orange/green) LED that “charging = slow flashing orange” ” faulty battery or systems error = Alternating orange and green.” In reality when charging the unit the green light is on at all times with the orange giving short flashes at regular intervals. If the unit is faulty, the orange light will be on its own for a longer period before changing to green for the same length of time. Please see our video for further clarification.

While we are on the subject of batteries, we just thought that we would share some tips for getting the best out of your portable equipment. When using GPS or other devices with a…

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